Why a blog…

It seems like everyone these days has a blog. It’s kind of always been a desire of mine to have one (and actually have people read it, but first things first). The whole problem has been finding something to actually post about. I can be a pretty random person who gets passionate about something and then it fades after a few days or a few weeks.

That being said, a month ago I started eating clean. No gluten, no dairy, no artificial sugar and no caffeine. I posted a few of my recipes on social media and a few people said they really were interested in what I was making, so I thought what the heck! Why not try this blog this out and post them here!

You may be wondering why the harsh title. I know my mother is. Well, most of my life has been spent being the friend that is really funny but in the words of Bridget Jones, always just a little bit fat. Minus a brief stint in high school and the start of college where I was actually as small as some of my friends, I have always struggled with weight. I’ve done 5 tours of Weight Watchers, done fad cleanses, and even ran a half marathon to try and get in shape and make my appearance more pleasing to me.

Unfortunately, nothing stuck…well the fat did, but that’s about it.

This weekend I actually went through all of my old weight trackers to see what I’ve done over the past few years and in my reflection I realized that I have always tried to lose weight for vanity. It has never been to be healthy.

This diet change has actually been the first time that I have changed what I’ve been eating to feel better and to nourish my body instead of making it a slave to all my abuse both by what I put in my mouth and what I have said in self-deprecation. As cliche as it sounds, turning 30 actually gave me a chance to re-evaluate my self and appreciate and thank my body for what it has done and what it will continue to do.

So this will be my place to do that. Because of my randomness, I will probably post other things too, like books I’m reading (when I have time to read them), blogs I like, things I find interesting and probably funny stuff about my kids because they’re pretty cool. 🙂

So here goes nothing!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessica says:

    Looking forward to following your journey. This time I’ve also taken the get healthy approach instead of just wanting to lose weight.


  2. Sarah says:

    OMG you are a rockstar!!! I am so proud of you!!! Excited to follow your journey and of course try your recipes!!!! Xoxox


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