Treat Yo Self…

I decided when I started this journey that in order to make this change sustainable I would need to allow myself some breaks from eating so strict. So I decided to give myself a meal/night off. It gives me something to look forward to and keeps me motivated to eat healthy the rest of the month.

It not only keeps me motivated, but I cherish the experience and appreciate the food because I don’t get it all the time. In the past, I ate and drank whatever I wanted so it went into my mouth without consideration or appreciation. Now that I don’t eat certain ingredients for most of the month, I appreciate and savor them when I do get them.

That means if I eat ice cream, I’m not going to wolf it down. I’m going to take my time and enjoy it because I probably won’t eat it again for a month. I’ve had more fun with the experiences around the food too because I want to make the night worth it. I decided not to call it a “cheat” day, because cheating is negative and like I’m doing something wrong. So in order to make sure I was making this a positive and conscious thing. I decided to say a day off.

In the past, when I would be on diets like Weight Watchers, I would give myself a day off a week. Really messing up any progress I would have. Or if I would be on something really strict and not give myself a break ever, I would give up entirely and go back to my unhealthy ways.

Last month, I went to an awesome restaurant Stoic and Genuine on a date night with friends. If you live in Denver and want a food experience head there. They specialize in seafood and while Denver is landlocked it is probably the best seafood restaurant I’ve ever eaten at. I savored each course and got the stuff that I’ve always wanted to try. We had 3 courses and drinks and I felt satisfied and happy with my choices at the end of the night and I haven’t felt like I’ve missed out this whole month.

img_5073-1This month, my night off was to go to the Florida Georgia Line Concert with my husband and some of our good friends. We had a blast! If you’ve never been to see them in concert, it is really worth it. FGL are great performers.

I decided to have a couple drink and a gyro. I love gyros. Something I haven’t had in awhile.

All in all, it was a
super fun night and I’m so blessed to have suchimg_5095 awesome friends and such a fabulous husband who supports me in whatever crazy thing I do next.


Featured Image Courtesy of: The Odyssey Online


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