Life Happens…

Remember a couple of posts ago when I said that I was back on track. Well…I should have waited a couple weeks before I boasted that I was back on track after one weekend.

These past couple weeks have been tough. (Obviously tough is a relative term because I know plenty who are going through more…but let me continue). Our family never really got back to life as usual after the wedding weekend and after Cam’s birthday we then had sick kids, (like high fever, up at 2am for cold baths, sick kids) and this week Andy’s grandma passed.

I so badly wanted to get back into my routine, but one thing after another was throwing me off.

Unfortunately, sometimes life sucks and it’s hard…like really hard. Like I don’t want to do anything besides lay in my bed and sleep hard.

I started to give up this week on all the things I’ve been trying to change over the past couple months, because when life gets hard it’s easy to fall back to easier ways. Easier doesn’t always mean better though.

It’s weeks like this though, that I’m thankful for my people. The fact that I have people that I can call and complain to and who tell me to keep going and to cut myself some slack because it will get better. If you don’t have people who will let you be yourself, especially during the messy times, then you should find new people.

I’m not going to give up. I’ve come too far and worked to hard to just give up and go back to my old, lazy ways. I am going to give myself a break because some things are important and deserve life attention, but that attention doesn’t have to last forever.

So to all of you that are going through tough life stuff. Life happens and sometimes it makes us slip and slide off track, but don’t give up because the things you’ve worked hard for are worth it.

Want to know what my first step will be in getting back to my routine is…Orange Theory Hell week.

Next week I have to complete 5 intense, hell-ish Orange Theory workouts in 8 days. Bring.It.On.



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