Reason for the blog name…

So the reason for the blog name is that I’m tired of being obsessed with being skinny or trying my hardest to get there. I want to be healthy and in the eyes of this skewed culture I will probably never be a societal norm of skinny and I’m ok with that. So my use of the word “fat” in my blog title is not an adjective of shame. It’s one of acceptance and my attempt at reclaiming and redefining fat from negative to positive. You can be fat in the eyes of culture and healthy within your actions and habits. The word fat does not have to be tied to unhappy, unhealthy, bad or shameful. You can take care of your body and still not be skinny.

My encouragement to all of you who struggle with this is to take care of yourself and strive to be healthy and happy in whatever shape or size.

For the full explanation see the blog post happy medium.